Meet Personas, the next generation of the Twilio Segment platform

Peter Reinhardt on October 25th 2017

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Your customers expect you to remember who they are, no matter where they interact with your company — whether through your mobile app, website, emails, ads, push notifications, live chats, in-store, or the support and sales team. To them, you are one brand, one company, and they are one person. They should be treated like one, and each conversation you have with them, no matter which channel it’s on, should incorporate context from your past encounters. 

Of course, actually delivering on these continuous conversations presents a massive data and infrastructure challenge. You need to compile the complete history of every user across devices and channels into one profile and make that profile accessible across the tools you use to interact with customers. You need to be able to surface what’s actually important to each user from a wealth of raw data, so you know what to say to them next. 

Segment’s newest product, Personas, will help you understand the people behind your data, so you can deliver more human, personalized experiences. 

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