Leverage real-time data to deliver personalized care to patients, at scale, and uncover critical moments in the care journey

By Atit Shah, Darcelle Pluviose
  • Twilio Segment for Healthcare is now HIPAA-eligible. Segment can sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with organizations in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry.

  • Twilio Segment for Healthcare unlocks offline data, where most patient interactions occur, along with online data from web, mobile, and engagement applications.

  • Healthcare organizations can now take disparate patient interactions and create unified patient profiles to better understand the care journey, and improve health outcomes.

Today’s leading healthcare organizations are on a mission to modernize and personalize patient engagement and the care journey. 85% of U.S. consumers wish their healthcare experiences were more personalized and 80% of patients prefer to use digital communication to interact with healthcare providers and brands. Industries like retail and finance have led the way and proven personalization can help boost acquisition, conversions, satisfaction, and retention. 

But, regulations, data silos and disconnected technologies have prevented healthcare businesses from leveraging these techniques to help improve health outcomes of patients and deliver personalized care journeys at scale.  

Twilio Segment is ranked as the #1 Customer Data Platform in worldwide market share by IDC for 2021, and is now HIPAA-eligible and ready to be an integral part of healthcare and life sciences companies' patient engagement solutions. Segment enables providers, payers, healthtech, and life sciences organizations to unlock patient data, improve patient outreach and retention, and elevate the care journey with personalized engagement. 


Unlock patient data

Twilio Segment is an extensible customer data platform with 400+ native integrations and a Developer Center that allows healthcare and life sciences companies to break down data silos and establish a single platform for collecting, unifying, connecting, and activating patient data. With Twilio Segment, you can collect patient data from all your online and offline data sources and securely send only the data that needs to be shared with any tool in your tech stack.

By eliminating the need to build a spider web of point-to-point custom integrations between various tools, your engineering, data, and marketing teams can focus on the job that matters most: creating lasting relationships that improve patient health outcomes. 

  • Engineering teams no longer need to maintain multiple integrations with tools for analytics, advertising, and customer engagement. Integrate once with Twilio Segment and then set up your workspace to selectively push only the required data across your stack. 

  • Twilio Segment simplifies data collection from all of your online and offline sources, including web app, mobile app, contact center, legacy backend applications, and data warehouses, so you can truly understand your patient’s needs and deliver the care that’s required.  

Segment for Healthcare Hero

Improve patient outreach and retention

Twilio Segment allows healthcare and life science companies to stitch together first-party customer data in real-time allowing data, marketing and care teams to perform funnel analysis, improve conversions, build Audiences and create real-time campaigns, based off of patient data, all with an intuitive user interface.

  • Healthtech and telehealth companies focused on providing prescriptions and diagnostic services online use Twilio Segment to analyze patient onboarding, improve conversions and re-engage inactive patients. 

  • Payers focused on reducing care gaps use Twilio Segment to create real-time, personalized campaigns, based on member data, to increase participation in health programs that support the management and prevention of chronic conditions. With the ability to build lookalike audiences, marketing teams can share vital program information across any of their engagement tools with Segment’s out-of-the-box integrations.      

Elevate patient experience with personalized engagement

Twilio Segment allows customers to build targeted and personalized care Journeys across all products and platforms.

  • Crafting a care journey can be as simple as identifying a cohort of patients susceptible to a specific condition, encouraging them to sign up to your preventive care or condition management programs, and measuring channel and marketing effectiveness. 

  • And, the Twilio Segment platform allows healthcare organizations to orchestrate their desired complexity. Import patient lab results and orchestrate personalized treatment plans, at scale, with journey flows resulting in follow-up visits, prescription recommendations, or even additional lab work. 

Get started with Twilio Segment for Healthcare

Ready to build? Take a look at some of our healthcare and life sciences Recipes, and our guide  for Architecting for HIPAA on Twilio Segment.

Get a demo to see how Twilio Segment can unlock your data and help your patients achieve better outcomes with more personalized care.

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