What’s new at Twilio Segment: new Source and Destination pages, label-based access control, and more

By Josephine Liu, Leah Bro, Francisco Alberini

When you’re using great data across teams, you need to be able to keep track of what data is going where and be able to make quick changes on the fly. Our latest updates provide more custom views into your Sources and Destinations, the ability to transform data at the source, and environments that match exactly what each group within your company needs. 

Here are the latest features, product updates, and integrations launched at Segment.


In order to help customers better organize and navigate all of the tools connected to Segment, we’ve created new Sources and Destinations pages. The new Sources and Destinations pages allow each user to decide what information appears in their personal view for each page.


New Source page

On both pages, you can click the stack icon in the upper right-hand corner of the table to see and select Source properties to show. You can select up to five columns of new properties, such as “Created At”, “Type”, “Category” and “Created By”.

Here are a few more Connections updates:

  • More powerful Salesforce Marketing Cloud destination: You can now use any Track event or Identify call to any API Event you’ve set up in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud destination. This means you can now trigger Journey Entry events, send SMS or email messages, and kick off Campaigns based on customer actions. You can get started in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud destination settings, under Actions

  • Updated Braze integration: With our new client-side library, Braze middlewares, you will be able to avoid delivery of duplicate identify events and reduce your API calls. Please reach out to beta@segment.com if you are interested in early access.


We recently launched Protocols Transformations so that customers can change data as it flows through Segment to either correct bad data or customize the structure of an event.


Example transformation

The next time you see an event come through with the wrong event or property name, you can easily apply an immediate fix—instead of having to wait for your next app release. And if you find yourself needing a way to change an event to satisfy a destination requirement, transformations are an easy way to map event and property names exactly how you need them. Learn more in our launch blog post

Here’s one more Protocols update:

  • Tracking Plan Libraries: To help Protocols customers scale Tracking Plans within their organization, we launched libraries. Libraries allow you to create event or property groups which can then easily be imported to multiple Tracking Plans, making it much easier to scale consistent tracking across business units, apps, teams, platforms, etc. Learn more here

These new features are available to all customers using Protocols. If you’d like to see how Protocols can help you protect the integrity of your data, request a demo today.


Customers can now permission Segment across multiple business units within one workspace using Label-Based Access Control. Workspace owners can then use custom labels to restrict permissions on user access, restrict which sources can be connected to a Personas space through a Connection Policy, and organize sources by viewing these labels as columns in the Sources page. Learn more in our Segment docs


Label management now available to select customers

Here are a few other Permissions updates:

  • Require MFA across the workspace: Workspace owners can now enforce the use of multi-factor authentication for all users by clicking on  “Advanced Settings” under the “Authentication” tab. 

  • Custom Environments: All workspaces can now create up to five custom environments. Users can still use the default “dev” and “prod” options or add their own options, such as “QA”, “Staging” or “Testing.”  Learn more here


You can now subscribe to Personas activity in User Settings to be proactively notified when an audience is created, an audience or computation sync fails, or when a destination sync fails, among other activities. Not only does this help you create more visibility, but it also makes it easier for teams quickly identify and fix data issues. 


Control your notifications for Personas updates

Here’s one more Personas update:

  • Connection Policies: To ensure that only dev data can enter a dev space, workspace owners can now configure the source labels that a Personas admin can connect to a space. For most customers, this will be restricting “Dev” sources to the Dev space or “Prod” sources to the Prod space. Workspace owners can configure this in the “Settings” page within the Personas space.

These new features are available to all customers using Personas. If you’d like to see how Personas can help you personalize every interaction, request a demo today.

We’re always making updates to Segment! To see everything for yourself, log in to your workspace.

New to Segment and want to learn more? Request a personalized demo.

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